Your Graces and Rev. Fathers,
About one month ago George Katsimatides, was diagnosed with kidney failure. His kidneys are currently operating at 15%. Finding a kidney donor is urgent at this time.
George is only 52 yrs old, Blood type B and compatible with blood type B & O. George is otherwise healthy with no other contributing illnesses like diabetes, uremia, fluid retention, toxicity, etc. He is currently feeling fine, dieting, exercising and doing his part to avoid dialysis, which can be quite debilitating.
We need to find someone willing to be a kidney donor ASAP. Please help spread the word far and wide. If you know any medical professionals the family would welcome their guidance and advice. The family is currently dealing with both NYU and North Shore Health transplant teams. If anyone would like to speak confidentially about kidney donation, feel free to call North Shore at 516-472-5800. 
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Should there be a donor who is not a Type B or O, there is a procedure referred to as “Incompatible Kidney Transplant” which makes it possible for incompatible blood types to proceed with a transplant.
Of course, feel free to contact George at 646-546-4124 and he can give you more detailed information as well.
Fr. Elias