Brief Summary of Christian Stewardship

Stewardship is best understood as a new way of life centered on Jesus Christ and the Gospel.  It is essentially not a form of fund-raising or a pious way of getting people to give more.  It is really about helping believers grow in faith. Stewardship is grounded in the saving action of God that begins with the Old Testament Patriarch Abraham, is completed in Christ, and continues through the Church of the Apostles (like St. Paul) & Fathers (such as St. John Chrysostom).  We give because we have already experienced in our personal and communal life the grace of God that a pure gift of God’s mercy and love for us despite our unworthiness. 

Here are some basic Biblical principles of Stewardship:

  • We have already received everything visible and invisible in superabundance from God for which we are eternally grateful.
  • We acknowledge the priority of God’s love and provision.
  • We accept God’s legitimate claim upon our whole life, above all through the Cross and Resurrection of Christ.
  • What do we give in return?
    • Time – our most precious, non-renewable asset; every minute is an invaluable gift to use for God’s glory.
    • Talent – our gifts and abilities, both natural (such as intelligence, musical ability, or hard work) and spiritual (such as leadership, teaching, or service).
    • Treasure – our material assets and financial capability.
  • How do we give back?
    • In Proportion — to how the Lord has blessed us, by giving the first and best portion of our energy, talents, and income back to him as a Sacrament or visible sign that it all belongs to Christ anyway. Based upon the Biblical standard of the “tithe” (10%), we can begin with 1 or 2 hours/week of time (outside worship), along with 1 or 2% of income. Then, as we grow in faith, we can increase the percentage.
    • Regularly — the best is every week; next best is monthly. Giving smaller amounts more frequently increases our ability to assist the Church’s sacred mission.
    • With gratitude — knowing that everything visible and invisible comes from our God who has so graciously showered us with gifts.
    • Joyfully — because God loves a cheerful giver and we will experience real joy, rather than out of guilt or through manipulation.
    • Sacrificially — not merely out of our abundance and excess (what is left after we have completed our tasks and paid all the bills), but even out of our necessity since Jesus Christ gave everything when sacrificed himself for us.
    • Expecting to be blessed — since God operates by standards that often surprise us (for example, being blessed where and when we least expect it).

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