Dear Parish Ladies:

The Church of the Archangels Ladies Philoptochos Society is the dynamic philanthropic arm of our parish, helping the poor, sick, elderly, disabled, veterans and others in our community, country and across the world.  We respond in a timely, effective way when disaster strikes, whether it in our city, state, the U.S., Greece or a remote part of the world.

Archangels Philoptochos is blessed that many of the ladies of our parish are dues-paying members.  We count on the contributions of our loyal members, who devote their time, talents and resources to enable our chapter to help those in need. In addition to fundraising events, such as the annual Turkey Bingo, the Vasilopita bread sales, the Palm Sunday Bake Sale, and a bi-annual Tag Sale, we do hands-on charitable work, such as cooking for and providing clothing for abused children and the homeless.  In the past year, our chapter donated more than $15,000 to help pay the medical costs of seriously ill individuals, support local charities, respond to national and international disasters, donate to Greek relief and give to the charitable organizations that National and District Philoptochos mandate. A list of charities our chapter supported in 2013 can be seen on our bulletin board outside the Church Hall.  We also have established a fund to be used towards the replacing kitchen appliance when needed.  We also have a standing committee visiting those who are sick and homebound, help at church memorial services and host the Vasilopita and Church Name Day receptions.

To be effective, we need the active support and participation of all the ladies of the Archangels parish.  Please join us as we continue to put our faith into action through our ministry.  We welcome your participation in Philoptochos, no matter how much time you can commit.  Members can bake goods at home, serve coffee after church during our scheduled months, work on the day of a fundraising event, give a monetary gift, or help with the collection of items needed for fundraisers.

January is the beginning of the new Philoptochos year.  Please renew your membership dues this month or join us as a new member.  We look forward to an active year.  Your ideas and participation are valued and always welcome. If you have any question, feel free to call me at 203-849-3349 or e-mail me

Yours in Christ,
Lara Paschalidis – Corresponding Secretary

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