Summer 2021

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

We say these words so often this season. Sometimes it’s easy to almost rush through them… Get to the message. Get to the service. Get to the point… And yet, here they are for us. For our salvation. Today on which we celebrate the leave-taking of Pascha in the Orthodox Church, may these words settle deep into our minds–which too often skip the most important thing in their haste to get to the next thing–in order to dwell richly in our hearts.

Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha. There are always challenges, and there is always Beauty as He meets us in the midst of these. Praise God the Church here (as in many parishes in the States) has been able to be more open than last year, though there have still been restrictions. Most recently we have been permitted 20 people per service. Starting on Pascha night we have been live-streaming the service downstairs to the church basement, making it possible for 20 more people to attend. This allows anyone who wants to come to be able to without sign-up sheets or reservations. We’re grateful for God providing a way.

CCOVID-19 update: As we’ve indicated, things are still restricted. Our boys have been getting to go to school daily, but 3rd grade and upwards only attend in-person school about half the time. The mask mandate is still in place country-wide any time you leave your home. But as more and more people receive the vaccine, hope is in the air!

The biggest news for us this quarter is that we will be on furlough for the summer from now until the end of August! We are looking forward to John getting to meet family, to having a concentrated time to debrief and defrag after 2 years here, and to visit with as many of you as possible. We’ll try to keep you posted as our schedule comes together!

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

May we continue to internalize and manifest this Truth within our hearts and to all the world.

Because He is Risen,
Fr Chris & Mat. Jen, Andrew, Gideon, and John

The Moore Family is:
-Sent by the support of the faithful with the blessing of the hierarchs of the Orthodox Church in America

-Sent as missionaries through the Orthodox Christian Mission Center

-Serving in the Orthodox Church of Korea 

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Note: Before graduating in 2018 from St. Vladiimir’s Seminary, Fr. Christopher Moore assisted us during Holy Week.  What a joy to see him and his family continuing to serve in the mission field! – FH