Dear Friends, Volunteers and Supporters –

When we arrived at our first stop, a homeless shelter for families, during last night’s Soup Run, we came upon an accident that had occurred minutes earlier – a police car smashed into the first floor of the shelter. Thankfully, there were no injuries but the accident and related police activity added complexity to the distribution of 65 meals, clothing and toiletries to the residents. They were very appreciative of the individually packaged bags we organized for each family.

Only a half-mile away was our second stop at The Annex women’s shelter in Mt. Vernon. We set up our offerings, including 40 meals, T-shirts, women’s underwear, leggings, socks and sweatshirts, in the large room where women sleep on cots. The shelter is in a 1920 former bank building, which is very clean and well-maintained. Seeing the bank lobby, with its grand and elegantly decorated ceiling, as a shelter for those who have nowhere else to sleep, is quite a juxtaposition of our society.

We met women with medical conditions, women with mental health challenges, some who grew up thousands of miles from New York and our neighbors who were all just happy for a home cooked meal and clean clothing. One of our guests told us it felt like Halloween when she left with a bag of new clothes, socks and toiletries.

Throughout the year and from month to month, we plan, gather items and organize the monthly Soup Run. The generosity of those in the Holy Trinity community and beyond – including supporters and volunteers from Westchester, Queens, New York City, those of various faiths and friends of friends, make this important outreach a reality. This month we are grateful to the following supporters:

  • Financial Support

o   Minos Samoladas

o   Irene & Elias Pantelaros – Sponsor

o   Philoptochos of Holy Trinity New Rochelle

  • Meals/Snacks

o   Manny Louros

  • Clothing

o   Irene Drivas – T-shirts, socks & masks

o   Mary Orfanos – Women’s underwear

o   Pam Argiriadi – Children’s underwear

o   Lisa Coplit – T-shirts

o   George & Laurie Curtis – Women’s socks

o   Kathy Papataras – Cookies

o   Cathy, Stephen, Dean and Nicholas Liakas ( – Sweatshirts

o   Suzanne Negrin, Philoptochos Knitting for Charity (Holy Trinity), Alexandra King – Handknit/Crocheted Hats and Scarves ( )

o   Hats – Deborah Farone

o   Melina Morris and Bombas ( )  – Socks

  • Toiletry Kits

o   Georgeann Mavrovitis, Laurie Curtis, Alexandra Speres and Maryann Koutsis

Thank you to all for your continuing support and participation. Donations of new men’s and women’s underwear and T-shirts are the only items we are currently accepting. The next Soup Run is scheduled for April 22, 2021 – a week earlier than usual.


Despina Kartson