“Dear Friends, Volunteers and Supporters –

We distributed hot meals, lots of cold-weather items – sprinkled with a bit of Christmas love – during last night’s Soup Run. Our Soup Run was rescheduled due to last week’s snowstorm and we served men and women at two homeless shelters in Yonkers.

Everything we took with us found its way to someone in need: chicken dinners, fruit, snacks, handknit and crocheted hats, scarves, gloves, socks, puffy jackets and vests, toiletries, face masks. Our guests thanked us and expressed appreciation for what we were offering. Perhaps the most poignant comment was one made by a man after he picked up a set of hats, gloves and a jacket: “I’m not getting anything from anyone for Christmas and it took these people to come out here for me to get something.” We are happy we were able to lift someone’s spirits ever so briefly.

The monthly Soup Run is a culmination of work throughout the month and the generosity of so many. This month we are grateful to the following supporters:

  • Financial Support

o   Minos Samoladas

o   Holy Trinity AHEPA Chapter #405 – December Soup Run Sponsor

o   Philoptochos

  • Meals/Snacks

o   Manny Louros

o   Kathy Litsas and Carol Schiro Greenwald- Snack Bars, Cookies, Candy

  • Clothing

o   Ron Nicholas and Gleason Paints (https://paintplaceny.com/location/gleason-paint-place/) – Jackets, Vests and Gloves

o   Lisa Coplit and Neighbors – Hats and Gloves

o   Deb van der Heyden – Clothes and Socks

o   The McMahon Family – Hand-sewn face masks; hats and gloves

o   Philoptochos Knitting for Charity (Holy Trinity), Monica Rodis, Alexandra King – Handknit/Crocheted Hats and Scarves (https://www.etsy.com/shop/HandknitMercantile?ref=search_shop_redirect )

o   Melina Morris and Bombas (https://bombas.com/pages/giving-back )  – Socks

  • Toiletry Kits

o   Georgeann Mavrovitis, Laurie Curtis, Alexandra Speres and Maryann Koutsis

Thank you for your unwavering support and participation in this important outreach. Donations of new men’s and women’s underwear, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and gloves are the only items we are accepting at this time. The next Soup Run is scheduled for January 28. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, filled with joy and love, and a healthy and Happy New Year.

Despina  Kartson”

Our parish continues to support this long-running ministry of the Mission & Outreach Committee at Holy Trinity Church in New Rochelle.

Most recently, Lisa Coplit is supporting their work.